Methods of payment

Payment via Paypal

PayPal is an internationally recognized company, offering a reliable solution for online payment, used every day by individuals and companies all around the world.

PayPal allows you to make payments by credit card or prepaid card even to those who do not have a Paypal account. Just have a credit card or prepaid card and on the Checkout page click on Don’t have a PayPal account?, and then submit the required data.

Online transactions are carried out directly on the PayPal website, through a secure server that adopts the Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, protection system.
This system protects the information transferred over the network by encrypting it with 128-bit encryption, according to the highest security standards currently available, so as to prevent its interception or unauthorized access by external users.

As far as credit card verification and response from international circuits are concerned, PayPal’s payment gateway uses the same widely tested system used by POSs in traditional stores in order to ensure continuity and security of service.

Finally, the payment system offered by PayPal ensures that the customer’s privacy is protected in relation to the purchases made.


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